Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well, we are officially on the waitlist for our little girl.(So thankful there were no errors on all that important paperwork!) It feels surreal. I am so excited, like I want to get on top of my house and do a little dance and scream kind of excited. And right on the other side of my heart is this fear, like "what if Ethiopia completely falls apart and we are matched with a little one and we never get to bring her home" kind of fear. I guess this is where that dang rubber meets that dang road. The faith road where my money has to be where my mouth is road. Here we go. The real journey has just begun and I feel like it could be a crazy one. Hold on tight.

These are the numbers:

#20 (or a little less) for a little girl between 2-4. There are some people who only want a little girl under three.

# ONE for a little girl 4 and older.

I will keep you posted on the progress. And on the other things like the click, click, click up the roller coaster and the screaming terror of the free fall. And we will just see how the Lord brings us into the loading dock at the end. It's his dock after all. And that is the part I MUST remember.


  1. I feel your excitement coming off the page. Blessings on the free fall!

  2. How incredibly exciting (in that "stomach in your throat" sort of way!) . . . praying for you!

  3. Hi Lydia! Thanks so much for visiting our blog. I love hearing from other families in the process. How exciting that you're #1 on the older girl list. I can't wait to hear how this story goes for your family. I'm praying alongside you to bring our little ones home!

  4. Hi Lydia, I saw your comment on Heather's blog! I went to hygiene school in funny :) Hope you have your Ethiopian princess home soon. I am LOVING mine!! :)

  5. Hi Lydia! This is Heather from TenMoreToes. Wow! You are number one on the older girl list?? That is so exciting!! I think I fell in love with all the older children in Ethiopia because they are so well behaved and fun to play with! Feel free to email me sometime at It would be great to have a play date with the families that live near by (including my friend Sharon in the previous post). Hope you hear some good news soon!