Friday, February 25, 2011

Punctuation and News

Okay, well, as I, stated last blog I don't know much about punctuation, anymore!!...!! So...... I spent the last little while looking at a website about the rules of  punctuation. I just wanted to make it clear that I am going to work on this little problem I have. (and I should probably work on the grammar because I can't remember if I am supposed to end the sentence with 'have') But I might end up blaming the whole lack of memory about grammar and punctuation on premenopause and leave it at that.

Now on to more exciting and frightening news. We changed adoption agencies because the old agency told us they 'rarely' get a girl in the age range (2-5) we are looking for. Rarely = never to us. Before we signed up with our new agency I asked if they got girls in that age range and the answer was yes. Anyway, I talked to our Ethiopian Coordinator yesterday and she told me there are 21 people on the toddler girl list (2-4 years), but that 85% of those people are wanting a girl under 36 months.  She told me there are NO people waiting for a girl over 4 years. She said our process would move quickly. I got off the phone and freaked out. So . . . I immediately emailed her and asked her "what exactly did you mean by moving quickly?" I mean is that 2 months, 8 months, 15 months???? I have a room to paint and girl clothes to buy and I don't know ONE SINGLE THING about girls. I mean I am one, but I have never raised one. We have a girl dog, but I highly doubt that counts. She emailed me back today saying, "I never, ever guarantee anything when it comes to timing.  Things change so quickly in International Adoption, all I can ever do is give you my best guess.  That being said, here is my best guess:
1.  Finishing the dossier – that one is totally up to you.  I had one family take under a week (!), another who is just over a year. 
2.  Referral – for a child 4 years or more, it could be a few days to a couple of months.  You do NOT have to accept a referral until you are ready.  You tell me when you’re ready.
3.  From the time you accept a referral, it should be between three and four months until you travel for court.  Usually you’ll hear when your court date is after 6-8 weeks, and you’ll have that much time before the date arrives.  That’s just based on the last several families that have gone through.
4.  Between court approval and embassy, it is at least 5 weeks, and can be as much as 8 before we submit your case to embassy.  This piece is so complicated, we’ll talk more in depth as you get closer."

Well, I am not very good at math, but I know that on the short side that is about 6/7 months and on the long side it's about 9/10 months. Which is way shorter than 'rarely'. Or the 12 - 18 months we were really expecting. I let Greg know and he reminded me that we had prayed for the process to move quickly. Yes we did. Thankfully he reminded me of that because that reminds me God is in TOTAL control of this whole process. He knows I am a little! freaked out and he will meet me right there.

So, please pray that God would prepare our hearts, our boy's hearts, and our little girls heart for all of this transition and new love. Pray that God would provide the money we need to bring her home. Thank you, friends! Or is it: Thank you friends???? 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog Post #1

Blogging for the first time is intimidating, I guess most things are. Okay, first of all, I have forgotten any punctuation I ever learned in school. So, I am making up my own punctuation rules. Anything goes. With that said, here goes something.
Well, this blog is about our adoption journey. As I write those words a little bit of fear creeps into my chest and I go "yikes, this is for real!" We are adopting. WE are adopting. Again. And, yes we are old. I prefer to say we are 'late bloomers', but at least we are blooming.
Our second adoption journey began when we (our whole family) went to a 'Cause Life" event hosted by Hope for 100 at Green Acres. After hearing a woman from S. Korea give her testimony of living on the streets and the way adoption changed her whole life when she was six years old, Greg and I began praying about adopting a little girl. On November 13, after we finished praying we felt God say "yes" to adoption. So began the journey. We felt God calling us to Ethiopia. People say "why Ethiopia" and we say "Well, that must be where our daughter lives." If God told us China, USA, Russia or Tinbuktoo, that is where we would be adopting from. But we heard Ethiopia. And fortunately there is a growing community of people here in Tyler who have adopted or are adopting from ET. We would love a little girl between 2 - 5 yrs old.
Since November, we found an adoption agency, someone to do our homestudy, had our homestudy done, filled out a bunch of paperwork, and changed adoption agencies. And here we are about to start working on our Dossier.