Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello from Ethiopia!
Wow! I will try to catch you up on our travels. For those who don't know, on our way to Dallas my beautiful '93 Suburban broke down on 635, right before 75. Thank God that when the fuel pump broke we were by an exit and coasted off the road. We coasted to an Exxon station that had a mechanic. We left our car there and my friend's sister was able to come get us and our 7 bags and take us to the airport hote. God was so evident.
We flew to Washington DC the next day and spent the afternoon wandering around DC. As wonderful and romantic as it sounds, it was pretty hard to get into town and to see a whole lot in a short time. It probably ruined my kids from ever wanting to go back and sightseeing. Oh well.
The next day we boarded Ethiopian Airlines for a very long flight. Not much sleep!
We met Sweet M yesterday for the first time and it was pretty amazing. She is so cute and has a sweet smile. She was shy and maybe a little sad and confused. Her birthmother is staying at the Care Center and she has been spending time with her.
Today we met with the birthmother. It was extremely emotional for me. Knowing what she is doing for her daughter (and I know that it is for her daughter) it very humbling. She was there the whole time today and we took lots of pictures. Greg and I kind of kept a little distance just out of respect for her. And that was okay, we know that there will be plenty of time to get to know our daughter.
It is surreal that this is all happening right now. We go to court tomorrow and hopefully will pass. If not tomorrow, we know it will happen.
The kids, Greg and our driver Solomon have been having the best time at the Care Center. I think my kids want to live there and play ball all the time. The children at the center are delightful. Beautiful and full of love. It is a privilege to meet them and get to know them a little and to know that the majority have families.
We love our driver, Solomon! Yesterday within a few minutes of meeting him both of my kids threw up. Solomon insisted on cleaning it up.
Today he took us to the meat market. He loves raw meat! Aidan ate some and wanted to keep eating it. I, on the other hand, was trying not to throw up. He did order us non-adventurous kind wonderful beef tips and injera.
This is a very choppy blog, kinda without feeling. I think everything is a bit overwhelming and I am trying to process it. It is really too much to feel at one time. The poverty, meeting Sweet M and her birthmother, and the time difference. One thing I can tell you with deep feeling is that the people of Ethiopia are deeply sincere and kind . . . wanting to do for you at every turn. Lovely and humbling.
Okay, need to go. Will update again. We are thankful and happy.


  1. Great update! So happy things are going well for you all.

  2. You are bringing back so many memories and oh how we miss being in Ethiopia. Please tell Soli hello. Can't wait to hear how it all falls into place.

  3. you r uplifting the whole world; endless blessings and mushies:-)Rochelle Burns