Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog Post #1

Blogging for the first time is intimidating, I guess most things are. Okay, first of all, I have forgotten any punctuation I ever learned in school. So, I am making up my own punctuation rules. Anything goes. With that said, here goes something.
Well, this blog is about our adoption journey. As I write those words a little bit of fear creeps into my chest and I go "yikes, this is for real!" We are adopting. WE are adopting. Again. And, yes we are old. I prefer to say we are 'late bloomers', but at least we are blooming.
Our second adoption journey began when we (our whole family) went to a 'Cause Life" event hosted by Hope for 100 at Green Acres. After hearing a woman from S. Korea give her testimony of living on the streets and the way adoption changed her whole life when she was six years old, Greg and I began praying about adopting a little girl. On November 13, after we finished praying we felt God say "yes" to adoption. So began the journey. We felt God calling us to Ethiopia. People say "why Ethiopia" and we say "Well, that must be where our daughter lives." If God told us China, USA, Russia or Tinbuktoo, that is where we would be adopting from. But we heard Ethiopia. And fortunately there is a growing community of people here in Tyler who have adopted or are adopting from ET. We would love a little girl between 2 - 5 yrs old.
Since November, we found an adoption agency, someone to do our homestudy, had our homestudy done, filled out a bunch of paperwork, and changed adoption agencies. And here we are about to start working on our Dossier.


  1. So excited for you guys!!! I am excited about your journey ahead and I will definitely be praying for you guys! Love You All!!

  2. The above was from me but Cullen was signed into Google! Need my own computer that only I am allowed on...LOL!